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Sloan (Scotty) Bolton of Beersheba fame remembered at Mannerim

Scotty Bolton's daughter Margaret (Grant) Bolton spoke at the recent Mannerim indigenous gardens opening she recalled "..........Many years later in 1987 Dad’s story as a hero in Beersheba where he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal was retold through the film “The Lighthorsemen.” There was a Premiere screening of the film in Geelong and again the local community rose to the occasion. The theatre which seated 600 was completely booked out and 100 of those tickets were purchased by the Mannerim community. In your own way I think you were showing that Sloan Bolton still belonged to you. I have just returned from a trip to Israel where I attended the 100th anniversary celebration of t

Local benefits from bottle appraisal day

The Bellarine Historical Society in conjunction with Drysdale's "Festival of Glass" run a bottle appraisal day the week before the festival starts A hand blown wine bottle from Magdalene College at Oxford University with a glass seal dated from 1740 made a record price. The local owner purchased it for $50 at a market in London many years ago It had an estimate of $400 -$500 but sold for $980 a record price for the bottleThe appraisal day will be held again this year at the Bellarine Historical Society rooms on Sunday 11th February 2018 from 10am -3pm

Point Henry the first point of arrival in Australia for many

The Port of Geelong was an alternate port to Melbourne during the gold rush era,especially for diggers going to the Ballarat goldfields. Most ships of more than 500 tons docked at Point Henry as they could not safely cross the bar in Corio Bay prior to the digging of the Hopetoun Channel.We are particularly interested in finding families who arrived in Geelong via Point Henry


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