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Identify your backyard apple for Free

Following the success of last weeks heritage apple tasting workshop Lomas's are running a free apple identification afternoon on Saturday 24th March It is believed locally that a property in the vicinity of Hardings Road Wallington was the first commercial apple orchard in Victoria. Wallington road had approximately 14 Orchards back in the 1940's and most of the fruits were sent to the AJC canning factory in Melbourne. As the number of orchards rose prices fell and several local orchards pulled their trees out and went into other crops. This slowly reduced orchards in Wallington and land was subdivided. Lomas’s are the last orchard now. This weekend Lomas's encourage anyone who has apple t

Taste a heritage apple at Wallington

Lomas Orchards has been operating as an orchard/farm since 1938 at 570 Wallington Road Wallington. They currently grow a range of heritage apples, pears, vegetables and strawberries. One of their oldest variety of apples dates back to the 1600's from France On Saturday 17th March from 1.00 - 3.00pm they have a free tasting day of different heritage varieties of apples and pears. They take you on a journey back to your childhood bring back the flavour and smells of fruits to your senses. They have over 26 varieties of apples and 7 pear varieties. They will be offering pruning, grafting, espalier and pest problem workshops during winter. People can "learn how" to graft their favourite appl


P.O. Box 53
Drysdale, 3222

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