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C E Grahams rare Port. bottle

C E Graham Marble Bottles These are very rare bottles from Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula. It has long been known that Mr Graham owned a successful general store and tobacconist shop in Portarlington. It was assumed that he operated a small aerated water machine to make soft drinks to sell through this outlet. He was also an enthusiastic poultry breeder and exhibitor with his black orphingtons in his “All Black” poultry farm. Mr Graham won many prizes for his marksmanship in the Portarlington rifle club and trophies as a bowler. He was a Shire Councillor in the Bellarine Shire. He and Thomas Wardin from the Grand Hotel Portarlington were prosecuted in the Drysdale courthouse (our h

Drysdale women who signed 1891 suffrage petition

The Victorian parliament website has searchable details of the 30,000 Victorian women who signed the 1891 womens suffrage petition. We have searched the petition and found that there were 68 women from Drysdale who signed it when the population of the town in 1891 was only 340 people. Perhaps our readers can fill us in on the lives of some of these pioneering local women The following "snip"is from the State Parliament website at https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/about/the-history-of-parliament/womens-suffrage-petition Drysdale Women who signed the 1891 Womens Suffrage petition Ashoorld, Hanah Ashworth, Susan Ashworth, Hannah Axam, Annie Barrand, M M Barrand, A, Mrs Barrand sen, Mrs Benham,


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