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Interesting treasures at "Show and Tell" September 10th 2019

At our last gathering held on Tuesday 10 September, we all brought something to share – we saw a couple of very special treasures from youth, a Tasmanian Tiger’s bone found in Portarlington, a writing book from 1906, Prize Cerificates from an early Geelong owned wine company ,a bottle of 1890's wine from that company and more – these evenings are special as are those when we have a guest speaker. Our next gathering is Tuesday 8 October 7.30pm and we are still looking for a speaker – any suggestions ?

Ralph Martin - Part of our farming heritage

Ralph Martin lived mainly in Portarlington and Drysdale in an era of steam traction engines and innovative (but primitive) threshing machines and chaff cutters and mobile huts (see first image) all pulled in series by linked chains along rudimentary dirt roads at top speeds approaching 5 miles per hour, which was in itself a contentious issue. Ralph appeared to endure more than his fair share of hardship as evidenced by the articles attached from the Geelong advertiser at the time.Our early farmers were a tough and resilient group. The images of Ralph's machines are from the Museum of Victoria image collection and have been added to our holdings of Bellarine pictures. Click on the images and

Bellarine Tea Gardens--Point Henry

The tea gardens and recreational picnic area at Point Henry was a business that went through “boom and bust” cycles. They suffered from the shallow waters and the need to tranship passengers from the larger steamers with the consequent tragic dangers The gardens were known by various names --The California Tea Gardens (1840’s), Point Henry Tea Gardens, Henshaw’s Victoria Tea gardens (1870’s), Bellarine Tea Gardens (Howard Smith) (!890’s) By 1889, The (William) Howard Smith Company had taken over the area, and the gardens were restored to their former glory. The gardens were located on a high cliff that projected towards the Corio Bay entrance, with an Esplanade with an avenue of trees on the


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