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"Kings" photos found in Op-Shop

A packet of photographs was recently handed to our Society from an Op-Shop. Among these photos were two with the name, Mr H King, Upper Skene St, Newtown, written on the back. After some research it was discovered to be Henry King and his wife Ruth (Wise).

Henry, originally from Somerset, established Fairview Gardens, 45 acres at Fyansford with his father. Henry’s prize-winning apples from their orchards, were exhibited at the local Agricultural Shows in the 1870's. He was one of the first in the Geelong region to recognise the dreaded phylloxera vastatrix in the vines of the region. Henry and his wife moved to Upper Skene Street in c.1889.

In 1908 Henry was appointed Fruit Inspector for the Chamber of Commerce. In 1912 the couple moved to Aphrasia St. Newtown where Henry died in September 1913, aged 77. In 1927 Ruth died at the home of her niece, at North Geelong.