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1937 Clifton Springs photos found in London

Recently, some photos dated ‘Easter 1937’ were donated to the Bellarine Historical Society by the Clifton Springs Golf Club and there is an interesting story that goes with this donation.

Mr Ray Boddy had been a visitor to Australia and was familiar with Clifton Springs, so when 4 photos were found in 1980 during a demolition of a house in Chingford, Essex, England, he immediately thought of the Golf Club at Clifton Springs and after storing them for a number of years he donated them to that club.

The members of the Golf Club realized the historic significance of these 80 year old photos and passed them to the Bellarine Historical Society to add to our already vast collection of photos of the Bellarine in times gone by.

The original Guest House on this property was built in 1888. During World War 1 this Guest House was used as a Convalescent Hospital for troops. Unfortunately this magnificent building was razed by fire in 1921 and in 1926 a second hotel was built on the site. This is the hotel depicted in these photos. It was further remodeled in 1957 and became known as the Clifton Springs Country Club. Eventually it became the home of the Golf Club and now also.houses a successful restaurant and function venue.

The Bellarine Historical Society is very grateful to Mr Boddy for his forsight in keeping these photos safe and thereby giving us all an opportunity to see a snapshot of a bygone era.