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Christian College embraces the spirit of ANZAC with the help of the Bellarine Historical Society

The Bellarine Campus of Christian College recently unveiled a mural depicting scenes relating to the First World War. The College received an ANZAC community grant for the work which will be used as a back drop for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Ceremonies and to assist the students with their studies of this era in our history. They were also supported by Drysdale RSL

Through a year 9 unit of study in English and Humanities, students in conjunction with artist Andrew Plant were able to use a book written by one of our members, Mr Bob Willey called ‘The Drysdale Boys and One Girl’ to give them inspiration for the mural. Many of the images depicted on the mural can be found in photos in the book.

The names on the cenotaph are those seen on the actual cenotaph in Drysdale, but the artist has also included the other ‘Drysdale Boys’ that lost their lives in the conflict, but were for a variety of reasons never acknowledged on the monument.

Bellarine Historical Society were happy to provide copies of the book for the school library. This book is also available from our website , the Old Court House Museum in High St Drysdale and also from The Drysdale Vacuum Shop at 1A / 15 Hancock St Drysdale.