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Free Bottle Appraisal Day 11th Feb

The hunt for rare antique bottles is on again on the Sunday 11 th February at the Drysdale Courthouse from 10am to 3.30 pm This annual free bottle appraisal day is held a week before the Festival of Glass Expo at Drysdale and is conducted by the Bellarine Historical Society in conjunction with the Festival of Glass and ABCR Auctions

Experienced and highly regarded father and son team Paul and David Bruce assisted by leading Geelong collector Cam Ward will conduct the event again. Previous days in the past two years have attracted 70 -80 participants with some real treasures being unearthed, a few of which were consigned to auction with excellent results

Two such bottles were a Les Bray St Arnaud Ginger beer from the 1900-1918 period which had an estimate of $200- $250 and sold for $650 which was a record price for this bottle

The second bottle was from Magdalene College at Oxford University and was a handblown wine bottle with a glass seal dated from 1740 the local owner purchased it at a market in London many years ago for $50

It had an estimate of $400 -$500 but sold for $980 again a record price for the bottle

les bray