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Lady Northcote Farm School-Anne Drysdale connection

Our Next general gathering is Tuesday 9th April at the Old Court house Drysdale at 7.30 pm. Entrance via the rear door. We are pleased to have Lyn Clough OAM as our guest speaker on the Lady Northcote Farm School and an Anne Drysdale connection

Lyn had the following to say about the school "From July 1937 to June 1976, 883 children, Child Migrants and Australian State Wards called The Lady Northcote Childrens Farm School their home…Here orphans and children from poor or underprivileged homes were being successfully migrated from Britain, hence the beginning of the Northcote Childrens’ Farm School in 1937. In the 1960’s Australian children in the care of the Childrens Welfare Dept were admitted and they too called this place their home. They are special, they are loved and they are MY NORTHCOTE CHILDREN. Click on photos to enlarge