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Old Geelong Lights on the Bellarine

CAN YOU HELP OUR READERS ? Two of our readers are searching for old -unique to Geelong- traffic lights, stored on the Bellarine Their letter to us states "We are seeking some information about an early set of Neon Bar traffic lights which were installed in Geelong during the 1930's. They were designed during the 1930's by Ian McDonald, Traffic Engineer for the Geelong City Council.They were removed from use sometime around the middle of the 1900's and then stored in the Geelong area.Our father

was the traffic engineer at the Geelong City Council during the later part of the 1900's and was involved in a proposal to restore a set of these old traffic lights during the 1980's - 1990's.We have so far been unable to find out where these lights have been stored and he has a recollection that someone on the Bellarine Peninsular may have taken possession of one of them with a view to restoring it.Our father is quite old and would appreciate knowing if this traffic light still exists and we hope that one of your members may know something about it."We hope that you may be able to assist us with this search.